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Marrying An M.D. & More...

Book One


Jared Granger's business was saving lives. But a recent injury had turned the handsome M.D. into a patient—and he didn't like it one bit...until he put himself in the healing hands of his physical therapist. Brooke Lewis was part seductress, part saint and all woman.

Brooke wasn't immune to the charms of the sexy surgeon and confirmed bachelor. And keeping her professional distance was a real challenge once she started Jared's "home" therapy at his secluded weekend retreat. Administering to the needs of her new patient was one thing, but she was coming dangerously close to falling in love....

Romantic Times
4 stars! Plenty of heat and sexual chemistry mix nicely with a tender mother/daughter relationship.


Book Two


Michelle Lewis had had her fill of smooth-talking healers. But Dr. Nick Kempner was hard to resist...especially when the sexy single father invited her to his scenic lakefront home for some much-needed 
R & R.

Beneath the PR guru's all-work-no-play exterior was a caring, passionate woman Nick was determined to get to know...much, much better. Michelle was sending his hormones—and his heart—into overdrive, and he had the perfect cure. She'd just have to trust him. Doctor's orders.

Romantic Times
Kristi Gold pens great sexual chemistry, quick dialogue, and wonderful secondary relationships in this terrific keeper!

Book Three


Social worker Cassie Allen had always fought her heart-stopping attraction to drop-dead-gorgeous Dr. Brendan O'Connor. After all, best friends didn't feel that way about each other...did they?
Then, one shattering night, long-denied passion finally spilled over. Now Cassie was stunned to discover that she and her best friend were about to become parents—of twins!

Brendan wanted to marry her, strictly for the sake of the babies, and Cassie reluctantly agreed. But could she really settle for a marriage of convenience with this devastating man—when she really wanted so much more from him...?

Romantic Times
Kristi Gold weaves solid, believable characters into an emotionally charged read. 

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.



Taking their romance on the road?

Camille Carson has known performers like Brett Taylor--arrorant, egotistical, incapable of commitment. And Brett, the Texas cowboy turned country music superstar, is no different. She knows that...even if he makes her feel as though she's the only woman in the room when he starts crooning those romantic ballads. Resisting him is impossible.

Still, Cammie's smart enough to know that this affair with Brett is as fleeting as her temporary gig with his crew. So when she starts believeing his lyrics, she knows she's heaping on the heartach. Yet there's something about him that whispers he might not be just anotyher star. Could be his young daughter waiting in the wings. Could be how he is offstage. If Brett isn't the man Cammie thinks he could be, it's not too late to cut and run. But what if he is?


Anchor 2


Fall from Grace 




When a marriage of twenty years ends, is there any going back? Can you regain what's been lost? For heart surgeon Jack Morgan the answer is yes.

Paralyzed by a stroke, he has no choice but to turn to his ex-wife, Anne--just as if they were still married. During the months that follow, they discover that the memories of their marriage have an unexpected power to bring forgiveness--and the return of a love that never really left.

4 Stars, Romantic Times
Kristi Gold's Fall from Grace is by turns strongly emotional and very funny, and the characters are wonderful.

2008 RITA Finalist


with Kathie DeNosky
Laura Wright


Storms and passion. Unpredictable . . . and dangerous




Upon her return from a business trip, Marissa Klein must decide whether to accept a new job out of state and leave Florida behind. She'd also be leaving Greg Westbrook, the doctor next door who's come to mean more to Marissa than he knows. But when a devastating hurricane threatens to destroy Marissa's home, the decision could be made for her . . . unless Greg can give her a compelling reason to stay.





Kristi's first book


To Dana Landry, Will Baker looked as wild as a Texas tornado. Despite her cautious attitude toward men, Dana was mesmerized by Will. This cowboy’ s combination of dimples and sun-streaked golden hair leant him a boyish charm, but his eyes held an allure that was one hundred percent grown-up male…

… and zero percent husband. A rodeo cowboy running from relationships, Will couldn’ t offer the fairy-tale marriage and family that Dana longed for. And with endearing Dana stripping away the barriers that protected his heart, Will wanted to run again. But this time it wouldn’ t be so easy…

Yvonne Herring, Reader to Reader
Kristi Gold makes a smashing debut in this emotionally charged story. Little Callie will warm your heart. Dana and Will are sympathetic characters. The readers will cheer them every step of the way. Ms. Gold is sure to make a name for herself in the romance genre. Be sure to look for more books by this rising star. 




One look at dark, sultry doctor Rick Jansen and Miranda Brooks wanted him to detonate her innocence. Their incredible night left her quaking… and reconsidering her manifesto on staying single. But despite her strong, sudden desire to make this maverick lover hers for keeps, she’ d never see her dream man again…

Miranda Brooks was his new nurse? No matter how badly Rick’ s body raged to relive every moment of their torrid interlude, he would resist. He was a man of ambition— not love! So why were his arms aching to hold Miranda yet again… this time forever.

Romantic Times
Rising star Kristi Gold brings a darkly erotic flavor to the love story of a sexy plastic surgeon who discovers that he can't keep business and pleasure separate when he falls in love with his new nurse in DOCTOR FOR KEEPS. Ms. Gold polishes her prose to a nice sheen as she creates a sultry romantic ambiance.





His job was to keep Erin Brailey safe. But first, security expert Zach Miller had to convince the sultry beauty that she needed his protection...while keeping his desire for her hidden lest it lure them both into danger....

Taking control of her life for the first time, Erin wanted to rely on herself— even though Zach looked more than capable of handling all her needs. But after exchanging heated embraces with her new protector, Erin couldn’ t help wondering: Was the safest place she could be...right in Zach’ s arms?


Romantic Times
Kristi Gold's HIS SHELTERING ARMS nicely weaves a very serious women's issue into a tender love story with lovable characters and an intense premise.




Andrea Hamilton couldn't forget lying under the stars with the man she loved. Now Sam was back—as sexy as ever—and he'd just won her horse-training services at an auction. Andrea was even more stunned to discover that her long-ago lover was a prince—and he wanted to see his son!

Though seven years had passed, Samir still ached for the woman he'd had to leave when royal duty called. Now that he knew they shared a child, he vowed never to leave Andrea's side again. And he'd risk much more than his noble heritage for the chance to lose himself in her arms again....





A stranger's kiss on New Year's Eve had Joanna Blake nearly swooning—the last thing the struggling midwife needed. She never dreamed they'd meet again in a hospital delivery room, where she'd be working at the side of sexy-as-sin Dr. Rio Madrid, and on the verge of accepting his dangerously tempting invitation.

When their lips touched at the stroke of midnight, Rio was lost in the sweetest sensual torment he'd ever known. Opening his lavish home to the strapped single mother was just borrowing trouble, for his reluctant Cinderella would soon learn that he was no fantasy prince. Unless Joanna found a way to liberate this rebel healer from his lonely life and free his heart to love...

Romantic Times
Kristi Gold's Renegade Millionaire will captivate readers with its undeniably sexy hero and the combustible attraction between characters. An exceptionally well-written story that should never end.




From the moment blond hot-air balloonist Lizzie Matheson hit the deck of his yacht, Jack Dunlap knew he could kiss his solitude goodbye. His unconventional—and pregnant—passenger was driving him to distraction, making the reclusive millionaire long to remain stranded with this arousing mother-to-be forever.

The last place Lizzie expected to find herself was adrift at sea with a seductive yachtsman. And the longer she spent in close quarters with the amorous "Captain" Jack, the harder it would be to leave him once they reached land. Unless she could turn a go-it-alone kind of guy into a partner-for-life....

Romantic Times
Jackson Dunlap is content to avoid the rest of the world and set sail on an uncharted course, until fate drops Lizzie Matheson’s hot-air balloon onto his deck. Her crash landing is just in time—an impending storm maroons them together. After losing a crew to sea, Jackson is determined to save the pregnant and "hands-off" Lizzie. But what happens when he begins to care? Readers will recognize Kristi Gold’s touch, as sparks fly between the duo from page one of Marooned with a Millionaire.


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